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Advantages of using cam pumps for sewage oil sewage lifting pumps [12-30 09:35]
Rohde cam pump is a volumetric pump with low speed (400 rpm), strong suction capacity (maximum vacuum of 0.085 MPa), high efficiency (0.7 ~ 0.85), gas-liquid two-phase transportation, and filtering impurities Low-demand characteristics. There are many applications in the fields of mining, storage, transportation and refining crude oil. Rohde cam pumps meet the standards of the German Hydraulics Institute and also meet the API676 standard of the American Petroleum Industry Association. The advantages of Ogonn cam rotor pumps and the problems that can be solved are: Rotor pump advantages Cam pump can solve the problem 1 Strong suction capacity Dry installation on the ground, no need for other vacuum auxiliary equipment to achieve negative pressure suction 2 gas, liquid, solid three-phase mixed transportation to solve air resistance, blockage, vibration, wear, Stuck
Introduction to the application of oil and chemical unloading pumps [11-13 09:35]
Oil chemical truck unloading pump is a very typical process application in the petrochemical process. Rohde cam rotor pumps provide leak-free pumps for the transportation of oil chemicals. The design, manufacturing and inspection standards of the pumps meet the standards of the American Petroleum Institute API676 The sealing system complies with American Petroleum Institute API682 standard. Rohde Rotor Pump is a positive displacement pump. It adopts Sino-German joint venture technology. The product has strong gas-liquid mixing and conveying capacity, can evacuate the pipeline, and can discharge the medium. In addition, Rohde Oil Chemicals Unloading Pump also allows short-term dry running, stable unloading, simple process and high efficiency. It is currently widely used by Sinopec, PetroChina and other large chemical companies. Oil and chemical unloading pumps must ensure no sparks, static electricity, and leakage when conveying media. Rohde adopts brass rotor and anti-static EPDM rotor
Notice on Qingdao Rohde Launching New Logo [09-04 10:56]
To Rhodes employees and partners: In line with the implementation of the company's development strategy, to enhance the personal identification and communication of the Qingdao Rhodes brand and to further enhance the overall brand image of Qingdao Rhodes, the company decided to launch a new version of the logo with immediate effect.
Another spring came, and the Rhodes cherry picking activity was successfully concluded [05-23 13:02]
"The most beautiful subway cherry blossom season", the annual Qingdao Beizhai Cherry Festival has opened again. In order to make the company more dynamic, let more people understand the company, expand the company's influence, strengthen the company's gathering power, the company special organization Spring cherry picking activities. After successfully arriving at noon at noon, the company first organized to pick the cherry orchard. The air in the cherry garden is extremely clear and the vegetation is lush, so that everyone who is far from the hustle and bustle of the city can not help but indulge in the landscape. Under the cherry tree, colleagues talked and laughed, eating and enjoying, enjoying the sweet and sour delicious cherries. While being happy, they closer the distance between colleagues. After the picking, everyone played around the cherry orchard and enjoyed the view of Beishui Sanshui after the heavy rain. After some laughter, everyone came to the countryside
Product features of explosion-proof emergency rescue sewage pump truck [04-13 10:03]
Product Overview Explosion-proof emergency rescue blowdown mobile trailer is a cam mobile pump truck designed and manufactured according to the practical application of explosion-proof area II and customer requirements. According to the regulations, the electrical equipment and mechanical equipment used in zone II must take corresponding explosion-proof measures. Explosion-proof measures are to shield, isolate or eliminate sparks in the parts where energy-saving sparks and high temperatures are generated during work to ensure that the equipment is in When working in explosive gas environment, the phenomenon of ignition of ambient gas will not occur. Product features 1. Artificial energy storage mechanical starter The artificial energy storage mechanical starter replaces the electric start method to start the engine. During the start-up process, no ignition point is generated, and at the same time, the maintenance and maintenance of lead-acid start-up batteries are eliminated, which meets the requirements of explosion protection and can adapt to the long-term storage and emergency application of emergency rescue equipment.
What is Rotor Pump Online Maintenance (MIP) [04-08 10:34]
How can manufacturers of cam rotor pumps truly achieve full online maintenance? The rotor pump uses two synchronous rotors. The rotor rotates in the opposite direction under the synchronous driving of the main shaft and the counter shaft, the volume of the pump changes, and there is no gap between the rotor and the pump casing. The rotor is continuously driven, pushing the medium from the suction end to the outlet end. Due to the symmetrical design, the conveying direction is reversible, which can realize positive suction and back flush. The rotor pump has a simple structure and can be repaired online without disassembling pipes or special tools. It can be maintained online by replacing high-strength protective sleeves and simple mechanical seals. Mainly reflected in the overall design of the pump cover, the versatility of the accessories is strong, and the structural design is simple. The cam rotary pump is used to treat fecal sewage, the maintenance method is simple, and the cost is low. Widely used in animal husbandry, agricultural breeding and dairy farms. Fecal sewage is mainly composed of animal feces and particulate matter
What I learned from "Qingdao to catch up with Shenzhen"-time is money, efficiency is life [04-01 09:33]
Wang Qingxian said that Qingdao's proposal to "learn Shenzhen and catch up with Shenzhen" is to enlarge the coordinates to find shortfalls, raise standards to find gaps, and aim at "leaders" and "pioneers". The most important thing is to learn from Shenzhen to continue to deepen market-oriented reforms and expand Unswerving and non-stop horizontal opening. Time is money and efficiency is life. It is not only used for competition between cities. As a physical production enterprise, the pressure is even greater. As a manufacturer of cam rotor pumps, after experiencing rapid development, there are also many problems encountered: competitors are gradually growing, potential opponents are growing, the market environment is getting worse, and only by continuously enhancing their comprehensive capabilities, adopting to maintain a competitive advantage or even Overtake the opponent again.
Rohde & Co. launches fire and power safety training [03-20 11:30]
In order to effectively complete the spring fire prevention and control work of Rohde Machinery, increase the awareness of fire safety among the majority of employees, and ensure that the company's fire and electricity safety situation continues to be stable, on March 20, Rohde Machinery production departments organized all employees and supervisors of their units The person in charge of production safety, full-time safety officer and electrician conducted fire and power safety training in the large conference room on the second floor of the company. The training mainly focused on the contents of fire safety and electricity safety in the "Fire Safety Manual" issued by Rohde Machinery, so that the production safety management staff could effectively understand how the relevant provisions of the "Rules" will be implemented in future work. Then, the factors that are prone to fire in the high-speed industry, the specifications of fire protection devices, distribution boxes, and fire and electricity emergency knowledge were explained in detail. On the way to some large-scale production consumption
The maintenance method of the cam rotor pump is an oil-discharging sweeping station. [03-16 09:33]
When Rotor cam rotor pump is applied to the oil unloading and sweeping station, the problem of damage must be encountered in the actual application process. What about daily maintenance work? In the unloading and sweeping process, gas and liquid are mixed and conveyed in the later sweeping stage. The mechanical seals of ordinary centrifugal pumps are prone to burnout, resulting in an increase in comprehensive use costs, and the self-priming capacity cannot be achieved. No matter the process requirements, Rohde cam rotor pumps can solve these problems.
Holiday arrangements for the Spring Festival in 2019 [01-30 09:33]
In 2018, Qingdao Luode General Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. continued to achieve good application performance in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, water environmental protection, high-end chemical industry, and manure and sewage industry, providing high-quality cam rotor pumps, detailed application selection schemes and thoughtful technical services. . In 2019, we set sail for a new dream, full of confidence to create greater glories!
Rotary rubber rotor pump is adopted for sucking oil from oil production platform [12-13 10:53]
Rohde has participated in the transformation of the water return pump for the offshore platform production of an oil field. The rubber rotor pump has strong self-priming, abrasion and corrosion resistance, large flow, high pressure, and small installation space to help customers solve the space and performance problems. In addition, rubber rotor pumps can also be used for the transportation of sewage oil on the bottom of the ship, the transportation of fecal sewage, the loading and unloading of fuel oil on ships, and the collection of sewage in the port.
Rotary pump is used to transport medium-thick pulp to reduce equipment use cost [12-12 08:39]
Rohde rotor pumps can completely replace centrifugal pumps for medium and thick pulp conveyance in the paper industry. High efficiency and low maintenance costs are the main advantages of rotor pumps. The flow is easy to control and the pressure is stable, providing customers with a reliable experience.
The strong self-priming ability of the cam rotor pump is fully demonstrated in the sewage tank station [12-06 09:33]
The strong self-priming capacity of the cam rotor pump is fully demonstrated at the petrochemical sewage collection tank station. This station can replace submersible pumps or shaft centrifugal pumps that need to build supports above the pool. Since these two pump types need to be immersed in sewage, it is necessary to choose suitable pump body materials and consider the high maintenance costs in the later stage. These problems are solved after the cam rotor pump.
Are cam rotor pumps reasonably priced? [11-12 09:33]
Are cam rotor pumps reasonably priced? The cam rotor pump can be applied to the sewage sludge residual sludge and sludge return process, but compared with the submersible sewage pump and centrifugal pump, the market awareness is low, the working principle of the cam rotor pump is not understood, plus 10 times higher Times the price, it is difficult for customers to accept. The high cost of the cam rotor pump is related to the working principle and manufacturing cost.
Qingdao Luode provides customers with the selection of professional sludge pumps [11-07 09:33]
For the selection of sludge pumps, it is important to focus on both the cam rotor pump and the screw pump. We provide professional recommendations objectively according to customer requirements. Both can continuously and uniformly transport media without turbulence, agitation, pulsation and shearing. They are especially suitable for pumping concentrated sludge, maintaining sludge properties to a large extent, and protecting flocs from being damaged, thereby achieving better results. Effect of dehydration.
The corrosion-resistant cam rotor pump is used to pump oily wastewater. [10-26 09:33]
The cam rotor pump pump efficiency can reach more than 90%, energy saving and high efficiency, ensuring product reliability and durability while reducing the use cost of the pump, while reducing the emulsification of oily wastewater in the treatment effect. During the production process, the petroleum and petrochemical industry requires attention to reduce the emulsification of oil in wastewater, and during the treatment process, the number of times that the pump is used to raise wastewater is minimized, so as not to increase the degree of emulsification.
Non-clog rotor pumps are energy efficient and wear resistant with low maintenance costs. [10-23 11:09]
The non-clogged rotor pump is highly energy-efficient, and the volumetric efficiency of the non-clogged rotor pump is as high as 90%. The pump flow rate is appropriately changed with the adjustment of the pump speed. Chemicals, water treatment, electricity, sewage treatment, bioenergy and other industries with increasingly strict requirements for energy conservation, energy saving and emission reduction.
The cam rotor pump handles fecal sewage and is easy to maintain and self-priming 7 meters. [09-28 09:33]
Rohde cam rotor pumps are used to treat fecal sewage, and the comprehensive use cost is very low. Fecal sewage is a medium that generally needs to be treated in livestock farms, agricultural breeding industries, and dairy farms, mainly animal manure water, particulate matter, and long floc Composition, the water content is generally between 96% -99%, more and more similar projects in the bioenergy industry are using cam rotor pumps.
Why choose a Rohde self-priming rotor pump? [09-10 09:33]
Provide detailed selection parameters of self-priming rotor pumps. Rohde self-priming rotor pumps comply with ISO9001 and API676 product standards. Each pump undergoes simulation experiments to continuously develop new self-priming rotor pump products to meet customer requirements.
Rohde technical team on-site technical service record [09-05 10:53]
We have always thought that after customers use Rohde rubber rotor cam pumps, this is the beginning of sales. Due to the particularity of the industry, in the service of large projects, accurate application technical data can be obtained only when the product is used, and we cannot guarantee that There is no problem with 100% of the product, but we can guarantee that the after-sales team of Rohde & Co. takes 100% professionalism and takes every after-sales technical support seriously.
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