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Introduction to the technological applications of cam rotor pumps [12-24 13:29]
The distinguishing feature of the cam rotor pump is the high suction, which allows gas-liquid mixed transport, high efficiency and high lift. This is why the petrochemical industry is gradually adopting such pumps.
Why are rubber rotor pumps favored in the industry? [12-18 14:48]
Why are rubber rotor pumps favored by petroleum and petrochemical, water environmental protection, and the chemical industry? The rubber rotor pump is a low-speed, high-lift, high-efficiency positive-displacement positive displacement pump. Two wear-resistant rubber fully-coated spiral cam rotors in the pump cavity are installed on two parallel shafts driven by synchronous gears. There is no gap between the rotor and the rotor, the rotor and the pump body, the sealing effect is good, the internal leakage is small, and the suction vacuum is high, which can reach 8.5 meters.
Components of Rohde mobile pump truck [12-16 09:35]
Rohde mobile pump truck is based on mature cam rotor pump products, and has derived mobile pump trucks and supporting auxiliary facilities that better meet the needs of different industries. Composition of Rohde mobile pumps Rohde mobile pump trucks include: Rohde cam pumps, drive parts, control parts, mobile frame parts, and others. ■ Core conveying components Rohde cam rotor pump unit is the core component of multi-purpose mobile pumping station. As a positive displacement pump, it has many characteristics that centrifugal pumps do not have, such as stable pressure, stable operation without pulsation, and high work efficiency. , Gas-liquid infusion and so on. ■ Driving part Rohde mobile pump trucks are mostly driven by diesel engines. The noise and emissions of the diesel engine are guaranteed to meet the standards for use in urban areas. Larger diesel engines can be equipped with a muffler. Rohde mobile pumps used in the factory can be customized according to users
Brief introduction of the reason why the MBR film processing technology uses the cam rotor pump [11-18 16:09]
Municipal sewage plants and water plants have gradually adopted MBR membrane treatment technology. Qingdao Rohde provides cam rotor pump equipment to ensure the effectiveness of the immersion treatment process, while reducing civil construction costs and reducing overall use costs. The MBR film processing technology uses a cam rotor pump to achieve one pump and two uses, reducing the use cost.
Application of Sludge Feed Rotor Pump [11-14 09:35]
The sludge from the sewage treatment plant after sedimentation and concentration needs to be transported to a dewatering machine (centrifugal dewatering, belt dewatering machine, or plate and frame filter press) by a sludge pump (Rod cam rotor pump). The solid content is about 3-4%, and the sludge contains solids, fibers, and sand. Generally, a cutting machine (or a sludge crusher) needs to be installed in front of the sludge pump (Rodder cam rotor pump). At this station Traditionally, single screw pumps have been used in traditional processes, but they are gradually replaced by cam pumps due to factors such as short wear life, high parts costs, and complex maintenance. Rohde cam rotor pumps have on-line maintenance design, wear resistance, cheap accessories, anti-winding, and low product cycle. They are favored by customers. The sludge pump is equipped with a frequency converter. The flow and pressure of the pump are controlled by the frequency converter. Rohde cam rotor pumps are very good at this.
Structural features of high viscosity rotor pumps [11-05 09:35]
Rotor pumps are more advantageous than gear pumps and sliding vane pumps in conveying high-viscosity media. The process of oil transportation and storage pipeline generally includes single pipe system, double (multi) pipe system, and independent pipe system. Due to the high temperature and high viscosity of the polymer melt being conveyed, the rotor pump has the following characteristics in the structure design of the rotor pump: 1. the asymmetric double unloading tank of the rotor pump eliminates the danger of trapped liquid; the spiral self-priming high-pressure lubrication Make sure the bearing is well lubricated. The gear and shaft of the rotor pump are integral gear shafts, which have a compact structure and are easy to assemble. The bearing lubrication adopts spiral self-priming high-pressure lubrication. The high-pressure polymer melt on the discharge side passes through the hole in the bearing and enters the bearing from the bottom of the bearing. It passes the spiral groove to achieve the purpose of lubricating the entire bearing. Back to the hole slot. Sucked into the pump
Why are rubber rotor pumps favored by the petrochemical industry? [10-31 16:50]
The rubber rotor pump is a positive displacement pump that can transport abrasive and corrosive media, and meets the conditions of strong self-priming (no need to draw water), forward and reverse, and high pressure. It contains benzene, hydrocarbons, particulate matter, and flocculants. In the process of oily sewage transportation of complex mixtures such as water, rubber rotor pumps play a great role.
Installation precautions for rotor pumps [09-24 08:59]
The installation of the rotor pump directly affects the later use. Do you know what to pay attention to during the installation of the rotor pump? The following introduces you in detail: The cam rotor pump is suitable for the transportation of high-viscosity media and impurities-containing media. Simple, convenient maintenance and cleaning, few wearing parts, high efficiency and energy saving, stable transportation, low failure rate, reliable sealing and low noise. The rotor pump also needs to pay attention to the following points during the installation and use: 1. During the installation of the cam rotor pump, full consideration should be given to the space required for future maintenance; 2. Adjust the anchor screws of the cam rotor pump to make it The whole is in a horizontal state; in the process of connecting the pipes, the link of the feed pipe should be paid attention to; 3. The connection of the feed pipe must be kept horizontal to prevent residual air or gas from remaining in the pipe.
Application of strong self-priming capacity of rotor pumps [09-16 09:35]
The application of cam rotor pump in Zhejiang oil depot sweeper pump station reflects its unique dry running ability, which can be used after starting up, allowing gas and liquid to be mixed and transported, without interruption. Compared with centrifugal pumps, it has great technical advantages, and has successful application cases as technical reference basis in PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC. Product Overview Rohde Sweep Pump is a self-priming rotor pump that allows mixed gas-liquid conveying at a speed of 300-530r / min and runs extremely smoothly. It is derived from German technology and made in China. Its sweeping effect is better than Vacuum system. Working principle Rode sweep pump uses a pair of two helical cam rotors to run relative to each other driven by two parallel shaft synchronous gears. A sealed cavity is continuously formed between the rotor and the pump body, and the medium filled in the cavity
The application of cam rotor pump in sewage oil lifting station [09-06 09:35]
PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC's reserve oil depots and refineries, the treated sewage oil needs to be lifted and transported to the collection device through pump equipment. This station has special features for the pump's self-priming capacity, corrosion resistance, and maintenance methods. Requirement: When designing pumps in the design institute of the project, these three points should be fully taken into consideration. The problem with maintenance methods is that the available space in the entire plant is limited, large equipment cannot be accessed, and complete dismantling of the pipeline is not realistic. In a petrochemical group in Fujian, because of economic factors, a long-shaft submersible pump was selected. For a long time, the flow is unstable and the self-priming cannot meet the requirements. The entire production line needs to be shut down during maintenance. These disadvantages lead to later time and manpower. Increased costs. After fully understanding and communicating with Rohde cam rotor pumps, they replaced the sulfur
Does the gap between the rotor and the pump body affect the performance of the rotor pump? [09-03 09:35]
Rotor pump is a positive displacement pump with simple structure, long service life and reliable component parts. It has been widely used in domestic sewage, urban sludge, high viscosity liquids and petrochemical oil products. However, in the actual manufacturing process, the gap between the surface of the rotor and the pump body is designed based on experience, and no specific data analysis has been performed. The gap between the rotor and the pump body has a certain effect on the volumetric efficiency of the three-lobed arc cam rotor pump. The impact of the gap on the volume efficiency of common metal rotor pumps is usually related to the viscosity of the medium. The larger the viscosity, the smaller the impact. The rubber rotor pump has a smaller gap when designing the rotor due to the complexity of the medium it transports. The viscosity of the medium has little effect on its volumetric efficiency. If you have any other questions about the rotor pump, please call 400-80
The first domestic oil-hydrogen construction station was completed in Guangdong [07-03 09:35]
Sinopec announced that China's first oil-hydrogen combination station; China Petrochemical's Foshan Zhangkeng oil-hydrogen combination station was officially completed, which is the nation's first new type of outlet that integrates oil, hydrogen, electricity energy supply and chain convenience services. ?? Hydrogen energy is regarded as the clean energy with the greatest development potential in the 21st century. It has the advantages of high calorific value, high energy density, storable, renewable, and zero pollution. China is accelerating the development of hydrogen energy. The blue book "China Hydrogen Infrastructure" issued by the National Hydrogen Energy Standards Commission specifies that by 2030, 1,000 hydrogen refueling stations will be built in China and 1 million hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be built. Foshan is a model city for the development of hydrogen energy in Guangdong Province. The "Foshan Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Plan (2018-2030)" clearly states that "Encouraging hydrogen refueling stations and Canada
Product Introduction of Mobile Trailer Waterproof Pump Truck [05-28 09:35]
The mobile trailer type anti-waterlogging pump truck is equipped with a Rohde rotor pump, which does not require irrigation, self-priming and automatic control. It has a high suction stroke, short self-priming time, high efficiency, significant energy saving effects, stable operation, and long service life. advantage. Description of the range of use of mobile trailer type anti-waterlogging pump truck: 1. The ambient temperature of the pump truck is ≤50 ℃, and the temperature of the conveying medium is ≤80 ℃. 2. PH value of the medium: rubber material 3-12, cast iron material 6-9, stainless steel 2-13, rubber rotor and stainless steel lining plate are usually used to ensure wear resistance. 3. Self-priming vertical height cannot exceed the specified value of 5 to 7 meters, and the length of the suction pipe is ≤10m. 4.The maximum diameter of the sucked solid impurities should be less than 30% of the diameter of the suction pipe
Energy-saving and environmental protection company PetroChina LNG project successfully passed the review [05-20 09:06]
The preliminary design of the trial mining ground engineering for the Todong 2 block, which was contracted by the Petroleum Engineering Construction Company Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Company, passed the review by PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Branch and was praised by the owner. The project plans to build 2 sets of 150,000 cubic meters of daily LNG (liquefied natural gas) processing units. It is the first LNG unit project in Tarim Oilfield. The process is complex and involves gas field gathering and transportation, natural gas decarbonization, dehydration, mercury removal, Process units such as heavy hydrocarbon removal, nitrogen removal, cryogenic liquefaction of natural gas, and flash condensate. ?? Facing the difficulties of complicated processes and tight schedules, energy conservation and environmental protection companies attach great importance to them, and they will set up a design team. The designers went all out, comparing and selecting various schemes 18 times, organizing discussions 12 times, all staff working overtime over 2700 hours, completing 9 volumes and 19 volumes of 718 design documents on schedule.
Qingdao plans to build a natural gas cogeneration project [05-16 08:29]
At the end of April, the Huadian Qingdao natural gas cogeneration project planning plan entered the public announcement phase. After the completion of the project, it will have a positive effect on increasing the proportion of clean energy heating in Qingdao and promoting urban air pollution control. ?? The project plans to build 2 sets of 9F gas-steam combined cycle cogeneration units and auxiliary facilities to achieve the cascade utilization of energy, and the net efficiency of power generation can reach more than 60%. Compared with conventional coal-fired units, combined cycle units require fewer operating personnel, lower plant power usage, and significant social and environmental benefits. ?? In addition, the project's unit water will use seawater desalination, and the tail water waste heat extraction and deep utilization, while using carbon dioxide capture purification technology, the tail gas carbon dioxide capture, liquefaction, purity can reach more than 99.5%. Recently, Shandong Development and Reform Commission
Product features of fire rescue mobile cam pump truck [04-12 09:30]
Product overview: Self-priming diesel engine fire pump truck is a fire pump without any auxiliary facilities. The pump set itself has a high self-priming fire pump set. The unit consists of a strong self-priming rotor pump, a water-cooled diesel engine, an intelligent control system, and a bottom tank. , Super battery, mechanical energy storage starter form an integrated type. Just connect the inlet and outlet pipelines and smoke exhaust pipes to the site. Passed the "type inspection" of the national fixed fire extinguishing system and refractory component quality supervision and inspection center. Provide real self-priming fire pumps for underground and semi-underground pools in northern China; directly remove fire-fighting pools (or water towers) for fire pump rooms in southern areas near rivers, rivers, lakes, and seas with natural water resources, saving investment Save space. Product features: Small footprint, simple installation, intelligent operation, self-absorption
Cam rotor pump solves the problems of slurry pumps [04-12 09:13]
The cam rotor pump can solve some problems in the use of the slurry pump, such as failure to start, insufficient flow, non-rotation, fast wear, no water absorption, and mechanical seal burnout. The value determines the price. The process requirements provided by customers are becoming more and more stringent, and the product requirements are becoming higher and higher. The low price of slurry pumps is not enough to meet customer requirements. The cam rotor pump is a positive displacement pump. Sewage treatment plants and petroleum and petrochemical fields such as PetroChina, Sinopec, and CNOOC have high technological content, high processing accuracy requirements, and a large proportion of technological innovation and support. They are suitable for use in complex processes. After maturity, they gradually begin to be used in general civilian fields such as logistics. Popularization in industrial and chemical industry, biogas and biogas slag, mobile pump systems, such as solving problems when using slurry pumps.
Comparison of sludge thermal hydrolysis anaerobic digestion and conventional anaerobic digestion [04-10 09:19]
1 Basic situation of the project Thermal hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion is a new application direction of sludge treatment technology at home and abroad in recent years. The Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant in Washington, DC in the United States, the Davyhulme Project in Thames Water in the United Kingdom, the Xiaohongmen, Gaobeidian, Huaifang, Gaoantun, and Qinghe Second Sludge Treatment Center projects in Beijing, China all use thermal hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion. technology. Among them, the Blue Plains sewage treatment plant in Washington, D.C. and the Xiaohongmen and Gaobeidian sludge treatment center projects in Beijing are upgraded sludge areas. This article takes the earliest thermal hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion Xiaohongmen sludge treatment center project in China (hereinafter referred to as the Xiaohongmen project) as an example to analyze and summarize the thermal hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion by comparing the operation of the digestion system before and after the transformation. With regular
Boeing 737-8 is banned from flying in a large area. When will China's C919 take off? [03-13 08:26]
One day after the Ethiopian Airlines crash, the National Civil Aviation Administration has required domestic transportation airlines to suspend commercial operations of Boeing 737-8 (ie, 737MAX 8) aircraft by 18:00 on the same day. The global public opinion shock caused by the two air crashes is still being further fermented. At the same time, it also gives important warnings to China's large aircraft that are about to enter commercialization: whether it is the C919 that is about to test flight or the CR929 that will fly for the first time in 2025, it must be steadily beat Development must not leave any hidden dangers.
Is the cam rotor pump resistant to wear when handling farm manure? [03-07 09:02]
The fecal fluid is characterized by high solids content, high viscosity, and great wear on the conveying parts inside the pump. This is a question often asked by customers today when consulting us. The commonly used screw pump is easy to block and not wear-resistant when conveying manure from farms, and the parts are expensive, and the replacement process is complicated, which affects the overall efficiency. The cam rotor pump pump body is made of ductile iron, the rotor is made of nitrile rubber, and it is equipped with a cast steel material radial protective liner. With it, the contact area between the faecal liquid and the pump can be reduced, and the abrasion of the particulates in the faecal dirt on the pump casing of the cam rotor pump is reduced. In this way, when replacing the accessories, usually only the protective liner can be replaced. When the cam rotor pump is in use, it has a good passability for the fibrous solids contained in the fecal fluid. The cam rotor pump has the function of on-line maintenance.
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